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LIghtning Bolt – Buffalo dancer in the Corn Dance celebration

Animal Dancer – Northern New Mexico

Taos Pueblo Cemetery– Crumbling adobe walls of the old church at Taos

Young Corn Dancer

San Juan Pueblo Matachine dancer

Corn Dancers

Summer Dance – Young indian child from one of the 8 Northern Pueblos of New Mexico

Indian Market – Anglo buyer wants the necklace off the vendor's neck at the annual Indian Market in Santa Fe

Winter Dance – A spectator watches as matachine Dancers enter the plaza at San Juan Pueblo

Buckets º A woman carries water to her residence at Taos Pueblo.

Young Deer Dancer – San Ildefanso Pueblo, New Mexico

Acoma – Young indian children contemplate trouble in a mud puddle at the pueblo known as Sky City

Taos Pueblo – An indian woman tends to chores on the second floor of the pueblo

Art buyer Ray Trotter buys some turquoise jewlery out of the back of a pick up truck from an indian artist at Ranchos de Taos NM