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Commercial Fishermen – Larry May has sand brim for sale. He caught the fish earlier that day with a net in Charlotte Harbor. Fishermen must have a commercial products license to sell fish for public consumption

Catch and Release – This spotted sea trout will have the hook removed while the fish is still in the water, a good catch and release procedure

Fishing Technique – Skipping a live bait under the mangrove bushes is the best way to get the fish that hang out in the shade of the overhang to bite

Stringer of Sheepshead – These fish are a prized winter catch. Their small mouths and teeth that look like a sheep's....hence the name

500-pound Bull Shark – Caught at Boca Grande Pass on 50 pound line. It took 4 and a half hours to bring the fish boat side, then it was released.

First Legal Redfis– Thirteen year-old Austin Phelps lands his first legal redfish in the Two Pine area of Charlotte Harbor.

Final Resting Place - Designed by world famous Herishoff Yacht builder, the steam powered boat that once sailed the Hudson River in the 1930s became local ferry and then sank in southern Florida waterway near La Belle.

Algae Bloom – After large amounts of phosphate were dumped in the Gulf of Mexico near Tampa a huge algae bloom appeared 50 miles south in the current off shore near Venice

Children are watching at a local fishing tournament

Mullet Buyer – In the fall local fishermen net mullet for export. The fish's meat becomes a byproduct while the red mullet roe is a prized delicacy and aphrodisiac in Japan. Sen here mullet are collected in cardboard containers of ice for shipping to the processing plant.