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This prep soccer team is protecting the goal... and themselves

Head first landing at the Santa Fe Rodeo

The Arizona mine where uranium for the firs atomic bomb came from. Many miners died because the government failed to tell them the ore was radioactive

Truck wreck along I-25 west of Gallup, NM

The gunman is dead after a shoot out at the Sante Fe courthouse

Iwo Jima extra point

Santa Fe police officer Bob Holland detains a boy for skateboarding on the sidewalk

Police move in on a hostage situation

This Santa Monica dry cleaner cleaned uniforms for the Police and was a 'front' for the sale of police confiscated guns

A bucling horse leapsstraight up as it comes out of the chute at Sante Fe's annual rodeo

Loose ball, high school football

Exhausted firemen had run out of water

Indian alcoholism is a problem in Gallup New Mexico

Worker trapped in a construction cave in

The Hanta Virus came to the Navajo reservation in Arizona and this indian family was on the way to the Hospital. The cause was finally traced to pathogens in urine from mice

A big-eared mule runs with the thoroughbreds at San Juan Downs in Farmington, NM