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Snake River – The Rio Grande above Cochiti Dam in New Mexico. One of a series of images taken that day of the river and the indian pueblos along it

Pedernal Crack – A stream bed eroded through ranch land at the base of Pedernal Peak in New Mexico. This area is rich in geology and was the home to artist Georgia O'Keeffe

Sangre de Cristo mountain tops near Tao New Mexico. This image was made during a search and rescue mission.

Spanish Peak – Laveta Pass, one of the ways through the mountains from the Rio Grande Valley to the plains south of Denver

Ice Ridge – After a period of heavy snow the edges and corners of the mountains have been blown clean by high wind

Low clouds, rolling hills – Near Blue Lake in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Piñon Hills - Outside of Santa Fe New Mexico storm clouds begin to break up in the high desert

Volcanic Upheaval – This part of the Jemez Mountains was formed by upheaval millions of years ago.

Half way up, Mt Mc Kinley in Alaska- One of a series of images taken while flying a low level mission up the highest mountain in North America.

High desert plateau in western New Mexico.

Volcanic lava formation near Mt. Taylor, outside of Grants New Mexico.

A hearty stand of pine trees climb a ridge behind Taos New Mexico.