My name is Michael Heller.
I am a photographer from New Mexico.
I am making black and white prints of my work for the Museum of New Mexico, Palace of the Governors' Photo Archives.
The photos are from the 20 years from 1978 to 1998, when I was a newspaper photographer for the Journal, the New Mexican, the Associated Press, the NY Times and for our own publication Inside Santa Fe & Taos.
I am honored the Museum wants my work!
They will get all my negatives and slides, but Black & White prints are also very important to them since this time period represents the last days of Analog photography, before Digital. So I have built a darkroom in my basement and I am now making archival prints for them.
Like everything else today, photographic supplies are expensive.  I have set up a 501c3 Non Profit Corporation to help with expenses for chemicals, paper and other printmaking costs. I will gain nothing from this project and I am donating all of my time.
Contributions are tax deductable and will be necessary for me to continue making prints.
Thank You! – I hope you can help.
My Non Profit Corporation Registration is: #20231276668
My  IRS Tax Exempt  Registration is: #76383564293